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LTE Outdoor CPE AMO5000 Series

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LTE Outdoor CPE AMO5000 Series


AM Telecom Outdoor CPE(ODU) is a fixed LTE router installed outdoors supporting LTE. It has a 13 dBi high gain of internal antenna for securing a stronger RF signal even in the long distance from LTE base stations. AMO5000 adopts a highly robust mounting kits for a wall or pole installation and supports IP67 Water-resistant standard for long lifelime operation outdoors.


AMTelecom's foundation principle is "Technology is Human". AMTelecom tries to be the one treating human with more consideration as well as the one in which the best engineers want to work.
AMTelecom was established with talented people of the telecommunication industry in 2001. AMTelecom has developed mobile phones from the beginning, entered the M2M module business in 2006, and commercialized the world's first dual mode (3G+TRS) mobile phone in 2008.
AMTelecom has been expanding its business to Telematics products and IT convergence products based on M2M modules as core businesses. Especially AMTelecom's M2M modules could be widely used in any telecommunication circumstances from CDMA to LTE, and they proved the outstanding product quality through various applications (telecommunication system, security system, Telematics system, healthcare system, smart grid and so on). AMTelecom will serve state-of-the-art technology and service with flexible organization valuing creativity. In addition, AMTelecom will carry on as a leading technology company with advanced mobile technology and cultural innovation.
Please keep on showing interest to AMTelecom, and AMTelecom will strive to make the better world and the better future.